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The ALEA-Ensemble has successfully opened the season 2017 with two concerts: "Happy Birthday Mozart!" on his 261st birthday on January 27 in the church Graz-Süd and in the crowded city hall in Fürstenfeld on February 14 with "Singin', swingin', rockin' Strings - a raving success!

Upcoming Concerts this Autumn:

Wed. 4th of October 2017 , 6:00 PM, Bratislava (SK) – Austrian Cultural Institute

The ALEA-Ensemble (Igmar Jenner & Sigrid Präsent - Violin, Tobias Stosiek – Violoncello, Gerhard Präsent – Presentation) plays music by W.A.Mozart, F.Schubert, W.Wagner, Jörg-Martin Willnauer (UA), Dario Cebic (UA), Gerhard Präsent & Igmar Jenner

Sat. 14th of October 2017, 7:30 PM, Musiksalon Erfurt, Graz, Herrengasse 3

Remembrance- and Anniversary-concert: ALEA-Duo (Sigrid Präsent – Violin, Edda König – Piano) and Rita Melem – Piano: Music by Zerline Erfurt

Sun. 12th of November 2017, 4:00 PM, Florentinersaal/Palais Meran, Graz

2. STB-Konzert: „Selfies II“ – Sigrid Präsent – Violin, Gerhard Präsent – Piano, a.o.

Fr. 17th of November 2017, 7:30 PM, Kunsthaus Weiz – Frank-Stronach-Saal

„DUMKY“ - 33th Schubertiade” with the ALEA-Ensemble: Sigrid Präsent – Violin, Andrea Molnar - Violoncello, Rita Melem & Edda König – Piano: Music by F.Schubert, Gerhard Präsent and Antonin Dvorak

Sun. 3rd of December 2017 3:00 PM, Florentinersaal/Palais Meran, Graz

3rd STB-Concert: ALEA-Ensemble „TRANSITIONS“ with Sigrid Präsent – Violin, Igmar Jenner – Solo-Violin & Electronics, Wolfgang Stangl – Viola, Tobias Stosiek – Violoncello, Rita Melem – Piano: Music by Herbert Blendinger, Gerhard Präsent (premiere), Michele Trenti, Rudolf Hinterdorfer, Andreas Stangl (premiere), Dario Cebic (premiere), Jörg-Martin Willnauer (premiere) & Igmar Jenner

You can find a complete list of upcoming concerts by clicking HERE