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The ALEA-Ensemble has got a wide-ranging repertoire at their disposal, which comprises works from five different centuries. Currently the ensemble usually gives concerts as a string trio (2 vl + vc), but also concerts as a string quartet or quintet are possible. Furthermore various configurations including the piano, winds, as well as vocals are feasible.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes, among others, works by J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, G.P. Telemann, A. Corelli, J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, F. Schubert, A. Dvorak, I. Strawinsky, E. Satie, A. Piazzolla, Ch. Corea, R. Garcia-Fons, B. Luef...
...with piano also by L.v. Beethoven, F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. Brahms, R. Schumann, G. Mahler, C. Debussy and many more.

Furthermore, a large selection of attractive contemporary music by Iván Eröd, H. Blendinger, G. Präsent, I .Jenner, F. Zebinger, W. Wagner, G. Arányi-Aschner, G. Noack, H. Sande, M. Trenti, D. Zenz, V. Fortin, Ch. Efthimiou, J. Takacs, M. Kreuz, R. Hinterdorfer, K. Schwertsik, G. Waterhouse, M. Reghezza and others is at the ALEA-Ensemble's disposal.

We can arrange a suitable program for any occation.
If you wish to book the ensemble for your event, recent contacting is advisable.